CK Table is a movement: a catalyst for local food in southwestern Ontario. We have developed a plan to start building a viable, self-sustaining, local food economy.We are the ‘to’ in Farm to Table. We want to turn the ‘to’ into a movement. A movement that can be duplicated throughout our region and beyond.For the past four years we have been working with local farmers to create, promote and serve more local food to consumers.  The success of our award-winning Farm-to-Table dinners have shown us that there is a need and desire from consumers to support local farmers and their products. This consumer demand supports authentic, family farming; producing nutrient-dense, real food. This year we are expanding our programming with our local farmers to provide and promote more local food to more people.  We would love for you to join us this year as we celebrate and show support for our farmers who are the first step in building this local food system.


C-K Table will be the catalyst in creating North America’s premier self-sustaining rural food system.


C-K Table will be the mechanism that connects our local artisans and farmers in a relationship with consumers based on thinking local and buying local.


Education: CK-Table will provide education on the benefits of buying local, both health and economic.

Access: CK-Table will be a brand that creates events across C-K that are accessible by all demographics and that are more community driven.

Affordability: by creating critical mass around the buy local movement C-K Table will change the perception about local = expensive and will alter the model as more people buy local.

Communication: CK-Table will be the communication vehicle that connects our consumers to our local producers.  Telling the story of our food from the farm up.

Motivation: will be the result of our work, people in CK and in Ontario will feel motivated and passionate about buying/supporting local.

Infrastructure: CK-Table will use the proceeds we generate from our events to start and rebuild the missing infrastructure that is needed to support farmers in getting more local food to local consumers.