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Heritage Grain Weekend
October 19, 20 & 21, 2018 | London, Ontario

Regenerate weekend was created to put the spotlight on three major issues facing our society.

Our soil is in position to need regenerating so that it can continue to feed future generations.
Our farming systems need to be regenerated to help provide profitable income for family farms to stay in business.
Our smaller rural communities are needing to be regenerated they continue to be a viable option​ for people to live in.

Many people have proposed solutions to solve these challenges/problems and many have failed.  Rural economic development can be shifted if we begin to look at the largest portion of how that land area is currently used. Grain farming is by far the largest user of our rural soil and it affects our water quality, air quality, climate and health but with one slight refocus.  Instead of using grains to produce the current end products, why not use them for food production.

Our focus in 2018 is building the conversation around the 5 components of grain. Bread, beer, distilling, pasta and pizza and what if our regional foodshed had grains being used for the food products we all consume on a daily basis?  This regional collaboration weekend will highlight all these areas for consumers, chefs and farmers to engage in, join us to be part of this conversation.

About Regenerate   |   Workshops   |   Chef’s Table   |   Farmers Market Takeover   |   Bread Camp   |   Craft Beer Festival