We have a plan in place to create a viable, self-sustaining, local food economy.

We are the ‘to’ in Farm to Table. We have the plan and the team to turn the ‘to’ into a movement. A movement that can be duplicated throughout southern Ontario, Canada and North America. Consumer demand supports authentic, family farming, producing ‘nutrient-dense’, real food, feeding consumer demand. Learn more

Support our local food economy by getting to know your farmers and artisans.

Farmer Paul’s Blog

Changing the Way We Think About Bread

This month we look at Bread in our blog series leading up to Regenerate-Heritage Grain weekend. There are many views on bread today, but one thing is true of this product, it was a fundamentally important part of humans diets for generations. An International Example...

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Beer as an Agricultural Product

What if we started thinking about the finished products we consume as agricultural products, just like tomatoes, cabbage or wheat? Would it change the way we eat and drink? I believe it would! “Beer as an Agricultural Product” A Profound Statement Several years ago,...

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The Grain Economy can be a Local Food Catalyst

This month we look at another misrepresented food from its cultural origins and also because of the impact of the industrial food system - pizza! Pizza as a Starting Point for Local Food Why did we choose to focus on pizza? Who hasn’t enjoyed a piece of pizza as a...

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Winner 2014 Ontario Culinary Tourism Event of the Year

The winner of the Ontario Culinary Tourism Event of the Year award is The CK Table. Each year in the early Autumn in Chatham-Kent, local farmers come together with chefs and food lovers to put on The CK Table. Held on a different farm each year, the event showcases the rich produce of the area and the pride of place held by its chefs, artisans and farmers. Diners get the chance to mingle with the people who grew their food while indulging in VQA wines and craft beers. They’re sent home with a greater understanding of where their food comes from and what it means to be part of the growing food culture in Ontario. Learn More

CK Table Awarded the Ontario Culinary Tourism Event of the Year 2014