At CK Table one of our commitments is to use the money we raise to help rebuild the food economy in our region. Whether it be food education, infrastructure or more local food for consumers there are so many needs we see in a self sustaining food economy.

Types of projects we have helped to benefit our community:

Growing chefs ontario logo

Growing Chefs ON! 

The money we raised helped to plant this amazing student centered program in multiple public school in Chatham Kent. At Growing Chefs they are passionate about getting kids excited about wholesome healthy food and want to build and maintain a healthy, empowered community that is engaged with our food system. A very exciting mission and vision we can align ourselves with!

Fanshawe Artisanal Logo

Fanshawe College

In 2015 we saw a need to support the development of new culinary talent reamining in Southwestern Ontario to work with our amazing farmers. So we developed a new busary at Fanshawe College with the help of the Artisanal Culinary Arts graduate program because their goals align very strongly with ours.

“Fanshawe’s one-of-a-kind Artisanal Culinary Arts post-graduate program will teach you techniques in gardening, fermenting, preserving, butchering, curing, and bread baking – among other things. These methods of preparation are no longer based on necessity, as they once were, but on the modern day need for sustainable efficiency. Our artisanal team of chefs have taken an industrious approach to food, borne out of these modern needs, creating waste-free kitchens and striving to be drivers of innovation in the culinary industry”